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What is Bondlingo?


If you’ve been looking for ways to practice your Japanese, you may have noticed that (especially if you don’t have a lot of time), it can be difficult to find decent options, and taking time to go to and from school for short classes can feel like both a waste of time and bus/train fare.

BondLingo is an Online Japanese Learning Program for new Japanese learners. You can have access to our video lessons and textbooks. Since it’s online, you can take the class from anywhere, including parks, hotels, and yes, at home! We also provide live lessons, which students can ask the teachers questions through a messaging service.

Guidable and Bondlingo are now offering a Free Trial Campaign! If you want to get unlimited access to all the teaching materials, you will need to pay 2000yen. However if you are a Guidable user, you can have 3 months to try Bondlingo for free!

Voice of User

  • BondLingo is absolutely fantastic! They have so much content for Japanese learner as well as great teachers that make things really easy to understand. From basic lessons to more advanced lessons it’s perfect for Japanese learners of every level to get stuck in and try something new. I would 100 percent recommend BondLingo to anyone who is looking to improve their Japanese!

  • BondLingo is a very helpful page where one gets to read, watch and learn supplementary Japanese language lessons. The materials here are easy to learn with and the virtual lessons are so fun to watch with that you forgot you are actually studying! It is a cool way of learning!


Guidable × Bondlingo

If you are a Guidable user, you can get free access to Bondlingo for 3months!

~3month FREE!! 1000yen/month
After 3month 1000yen/month

What is Guidable?


Our (Guidable Inc.) mission is “Remove borders between foreigners and Japanese”.
And we own three types of websites “Guidable Crew”, “Guidable Jobs” and “Guidable Japan”.
Guidable Crew allows foreign residents of Japan to get in contact with companies that are looking to hire foreign individuals for short term work, who have distinctive skills.
Guidable Jobs allows foreign residents of Japan to get in contact with companies that are looking to hire foreign individuals for either Part-Time or Full Time work, with distinctive skills.
Guidable Japan is a platform that offers guidance to Non-Japanese people who want to visit or are living in Japan.

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